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Fun With Art

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FUN WITH ART ran for 10 years in the Angel Room at Christ Church Highbury. Berrin Bates and I ran up to 4 after-school classes, teaching 95 children a week.

Berrin has a degree and MA in textiles and installations from university in Istanbul and continues to teach art at Drayton Park School: berrinb@blueyonder.co.uk

Click on thumbnails below to see examples of the kids' work.

fruit     fruit and fish     kids' portraits     van gogh     paper weaving     dancing princesses    

hansel and gretel     collage portraits     junk pictures     animal collages     cityscape     face drawings    

fante flags     greek vases     house sketches     picasso plates     munch    

plasticene dancing princesses     shoebox houses     theseus and the minotaur    

changed everyday objects     clay figures and backgrounds     figure drawings    

heads bodies and legs     matisse-inspired paper cuts     morandi-inspired drawings    

paper plate and cup animal masks     surrealist catalogues